I Recycled Markers/Crayons

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Purchase these TWO patches and match side by side through the recycle symbol if you recycled markers and crayons.

How To: Recycle Crayons, Markers, Highlighters

1. Collect or gather crayons or markers within your group or family. You can also set up a collection station in your school or group meeting place for used crayons or markers. How big do you want the collection to be?

2. Drop them off at a location or you can ship them to companies that take crayons or markers. You can also make goody bags and give them out to those that will use them. (see below)

3. You have earned your patch and helped the environment. Wear it with pride.

Crayon Initiative Program Click here for more info
Set up collection boxes or bins at your schools, troop meeting sites, places of worship, community centers, and other local gathering places.

Decide how long you will be collecting crayons or markers and let everyone know where to turn them in, if you are mailing all the crayons or markers, or provide them with the mailing address to mail the crayons or markers to.

Finally when you’re ready, ship your crayons to the below address:
The Crayon Initiative
155 Railroad Avenue, Suite E
Danville, CA 94526

Crayon Collection Program (giving crayons to schools and pre-schools)
Webpage for more info
1. Find a good spot for a box or basket for the crayons to be collected in
2. Ask around for crayon donations.
3. Find those crayons a new home! Find a Title 1 school. pre-school, homeless shelter, daycare, assisted living, or Head Start Center near you.
4. For extra, include a folded coloring page placed in a ziploc bag with a variety of crayons. They can be dropped off at one of the above mentioned locations and bundle it with slightly used crayons in a plastic bag. (8-10 crayons per bag)

Choose any location or organization in your area that is collecting crayons for recycling or various projects.

Recycling with the Staples store
Staples has partnered with TerraCycle to recycle used markers, sharpies, and highlighters. Bring your collection into a Staples, and they will send them to the recycle center for you.

Recycling with Crayola
Crayola and schools across continental United States and parts of Canada can collect and repurpose used Crayola markers.

The ColorCycle Champion will organize the collection with your school and shipment of markers. Register to get the collection started.

Set up a collection station in your school for used markers.

Pack markers in a cardboard box and secure with packing tape. Each box should weigh between 8-10 pounds. (about 350 pieces)

Crayola pays all shipping charges!


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