Ice Skating

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Ice Skating

 All ages complete 3 requirements


  1. Learn about the rules of ice skating. What type of ice are you supposed to skate on? What are you not supposed to do?


  1. Explore what ice skating outfits are made out of. What are the requirements for outfits? Design your own ice skating outfit on paper.


  1. Learn about the different types of competition ice skating. What are the requirements for partner ice skating? What are the requirements for single skating?


  1. Lots of ice skaters hire people to choreograph their routines to music. Make up your own dance or routine to music – off or on the ice.


  1. Many people have coaches for ice skating for competitions. Learn about famous coaches or ice skaters. For extra, present a short presentation to your fellow Girl Scouts.


  1. There are two programs in ice skating – the short and the long program. What is the difference between them? What are some requirements?


  1. Ice skaters need to be fit and eat healthy to be able to skate a long time. Eat a healthy snack or smoothie and try out some work out techniques, like jumping jacks or running in place.


  1. Go to an event with ice skating or take ice skating lessons.


  1. Learn more about the requirements for ice skating for the Olympics. What do you need to do for a routine?


  1. Learn about the care of ice skates. How often do you need to sharpen your blades? How long are you supposed to break in your skates for? What kinds are the best? How do you stop?


  1. Go to a shop that sells ice skating gear. How much is a pair of ice skates? How much is a competition outfit?


  1. Make a fun recipe for ice skating like snowflake cupcakes, shaved ice, ice cream sundae, or a pretzel rolled in cinnamon sugar.

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