Japanese Culture

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All levels must complete 4 requirements 

  1. Learn about the Japanese traditional clothing. Visit a local store or shop, which features the local traditional clothing or have someone teach you about the traditional clothing.
  2. Learn about the many castle sites in Japan. What were they for, and who lived there?
  3. Learn to count to ten in Japanese dialect. Learn to say “Hello” “Goodbye” and “Thank You.”
  4. Learn phrases of the Japanese language. For extra, practice calligraphy.
  5. Learn about a local craft made from paper, and make that craft with your troop or group.
  6. Learn to do a traditional folk dance or watch one.
  7. Find out about one of the Japanese holidays or festivals. Learn how it is celebrated and participate in one of them or create a craft.
  8. Visit a temple or shrine. Find out what religion is practiced at the site and at least two things about that particular religion.
  9. Find out about handicrafts in Japan. Watch one being made or create one of your own.
  10. Visit an Asian grocery store or website. Identify two food items both familiar and different from American food items.
  11. Try three different types of local food or candy. Did you like them?
  12. Have an activity with a sister troop and learn about the patches or badges they earned. Earn one that they already earned or earn one together.
  13. Visit one of the memorials or historical sites associated with Japan. Learn why it is important. What can your troop do to make a difference at the site?
  14. Learn about the dolls in Japan like the Kokeshi doll and then make one. Make an additional doll and give it to someone or create a puppet show.
  15. Visit a local park. Plan a picnic or a hike. Include a clean-up, flower planting, or painting project for the girls to make a difference in the community.
  16. Share your knowledge about Japan with younger scouts or others. Help them create a craft or activity.

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