Listening to the Past (Brownie Try-it)

Listening to the Past (Brownie Try-it)

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(Listening to the Past Complete 4)

1. Listen to the stories of some of the oldest
people in your community. Find them
through a senior citizens' organization, a
religious group, a nursing home, or even in
your family. Tape their stories or take
notes. Share the stories with members of
your family and your Brownie Girl Scout
troop or group.

2. With an adult, visit the historic buildings,
monuments, and sites in your neighborhood
or in the nearest city. Learn an interesting
story or fact about each.

3.  Get permission to visit the oldest cemetery
in your area. Do the following activities:
1. Find the oldest dates on the gravestones.
Write them down. How old were the
people when they died?
2. Write down some of the most unusual
names. What is the most common name?
3. Take photographs, make rubbings, or draw
pictures of the most unusual gravestones.

4. Read two stories written in the past or about
the past, and tell them to others.

5. Act out a scene from the past. Choose a
favorite person or fictional character from
the past. Do one of these activities:
1. Act out a scene from her life or from the
fictional story.
2. Dress up like her and act like her during
your Girl Scout meeting.
Here are some suggestions: Joan of Arc,
Sacajawa, Anne Frank, Harriet Tubman,
Helen Keller.

6. Games of the Past
It may be hard to believe, but years ago your
mother, father, grandparents, greatgrandparents,
aunts, and uncles were all young children.

They played some fun
Here is a list:
• Dodge ball.
• Red light/green light.
• Tic-tac-toe.
• Simon says.
• Guess what I am.
• Kick the can.
• Jump rope rhymes.
• Jacks.
• Doggy, doggy, where is your bone?
• Crack the whip.
• Sharks and minnows.
Ask family members and neighbors if they
have ever played any of these games. Then
select a game and learn how to play it. Teach
the game to others.

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