World Carnivals/Mardi Gras--ORIGINAL TROOPS OWN

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Free activity sheet when you order.  Covers requirement 1, 3, 5, and 9. 
All ages complete 3 requirements
  1.  Many countries around the world celebrate Carnival with floats, balls, bands, beads, music, costumes, and dancing.  List or name three countries that celebrate Carnival.
  2. Brazil is the #1 country in the world that celebrates Carnival with extravagant floats, masks, beads, and contests. Research Brazil’s carnivals and look at pictures.
  3. Design your own float on paper or in reality. Include bright colors and streamers.
  4. Masks are an important part to carnival. Decorate a beautiful mask on paper or purchase a blank mask to decorate. Make sure to put lots of feathers and glitz on it.
  5. Make or purchase a king cake – a bread-like cake that is traditionally eaten at Carnival with yellow, purple, and green sprinkles on top. Learn more about where king cakes originated.
  6. Pretend to have your own Carnival! Dress up in masks, bright colors, and throw beads off a table or float.
  7. Learn, see, listen, or hear a dance or song from a country that is performed during Carnival. Examples are: playing the drums, their national song, or rhythmic dancing. Listen to some music from a Carnival country. 
  8. The costumes for Carnival are very beautiful and extravagant. Look up some costumes and view pictures of them. For extra, draw your own costume.
  9. Learn about what Carnival (Mardi Gras) is like in Louisiana. What do they do? Where is it held? Learn some French phrases.
  10. Usually, a winner is crowned from the float or costume contests as a prince or princess. Become your own Carnival princess and create a banner to wear.
  11. Carnival is a day that changes every year. Find out why. Who chooses it?
  12. Make your own decorations with purple, yellow, and green. Some common things on a decoration are fleur de lis, jesters, flags, kings, queens, crowns, and more. For extra, learn why they use these colors.

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