Marine Life (Honu)

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Marine Life (HONU turtle design)( All Levels complete 3 requirements)

1.  Learn about at least 5 different marine animals you might find in the pacific waters.  What is their habitat, what they eat, other interesting facts you think are important.  

2. Learn about the dangers in the ocean.  What animals are dangerous and why? 

3.Learn about high and low tides. You can read a tide chart or view the difference online. When is a good time to plan to go to the beach at low tide.

4. Write a poem or short story about the ocean.

5.  Skits and Charades  Make up a skit about the ocean.  Pick a theme such as “ocean conservation”,  “ocean safety”, “water quality”, “not polluting”, etc. OR you can play charades of ocean related words or animals.  Create slips of paper and place them in a bag for each person to act out

6. Draw a  picture of a marine scene.  Choose any medium to create the picture.  Watercolors, markers, colored pencils, crayons.  Use your  imagination.  

7.Make a piece of jewelry or another craft with things you find on the beach.  Driftwood and sea glass  are great. If you use shells, only take what you need to complete your project.  Make sure  nobody is living in the shell before removing it from the beach! 

8 Visit the beach a low tide.  Look for animals you learned about.  OR Take a trip  to the Aquarium.  Visit the touch tanks if they have them. Learn more about the sea animals. Be sure to only touch animals you know are safe.

9.  Learn about the Loggerhead turtle or pick another endangered animal to learn about.   Discover some simple actions you can take to help an animal OR participate in another project to help an endangered marine  species.

10.  Participate in a beach clean ­up. Discuss what items you found.  Did anything surprise you?  Discuss actions you can take to keep beaches  clean in the future.

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