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3 inch wide x 1.5 inches

1. Watch a movie or play with this theme.

2. Read a book with this theme. This is a great way to reward participants for reading no matter what age...reading is a great adventure to enjoy!

3. Exercise your brain and complete a puzzle, brain teaser, or build something with building blocks. The ideas are endless.

4. Make a list of goals and try to accomplish one on your list.

5. Create a button, sticker, bookmark, or drawing that represents the theme.

6. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of the book or event.

7. Create a craft in school or a school related craft.

8. Create a family tree. Include people on the outside of the tree that you consider family as well.

9. A good friendship is someone that makes you feel good about yourself and accepts you for who you are. Complete a fun activity with a friend.

10. Assist in helping around the house or complete activities with your family. What is your favorite activity? Example: playing cards, games, helping cook dinner, setting the table, or movie night.

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