Music -(I "heart" Music)

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All ages complete 3 requirements

1. Sing a song at school, with a friend OR at home.

2.  Learn how to play a simple instrument.  You may have already did this in school.  Examples: recorder, triangle, rattles, shakers, drums, clarinet, etc.

3.  Participate in choir or music class.  What is your favorite song?  

4. Learn about different tones and levels of singing. What tone do you sing in?  Examples: Soprano, tenor, etc.

5.  Watch a show that involves music. Try singing with the contestants or taking a song they sing and make your own twist with the words or tone.

6. Attend a live performance with music.  This can be a concert, choir show, musical theater, Broadway show, or a play.   

7.  Did you know music is categorized into different genres, or types?  Choose two different songs to sing or listen to.  How are they different or the same?  Which one did you like best?  Examples: Country, Pop,  blues, classical, electronic, folk, hip-hop, jazz, inspirational, etc.

8.  Someone times songs can be personal and written about life experiences.  Be a songwriter and create you own song. Add a beat to the song and sing it to yourself. What is it about?

9.  What is your favorite song?  Sing it. How does it make you feel?  Change some of the words so it relates to you or your experiences. Now you can love it even more.

10.  Sing some songs at camp, around a campfire, or with your friends having fun. What did you sing?

11. Teach songs to other people.  Find the lyrics online or type them up and give a copy to each person you are teaching. Be able to help them with the words and lead them through the fast and slow parts of the song. 

12.  Create a songbook of your favorite songs or book for special occasions so you can refer to them when you are singing as a group. Examples: camp songs, scout songs, holiday songs, choir songs, etc.

13. Listen to a song from another country that children may sing or has parts in the song of a different language sang. What was the song about?  Do they sing it in festivals or just for fun.  (adult supervision is needed to make sure the songs are appropriate for children to listen to.)  For extra, you can invite someone from a different culture to play songs or teach you a song. This is great for Thinking Day.

14. Draw a picture or create any artistic expression of what music means to you.  Use your imagination.

15. Have a slumber party or get together with friends. Choose some music to play and have a dance party.

16.  Enjoy karaoke or a game that involves singing.

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