My Heritage (Junior Badge)

My Heritage (Junior Badge)

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1. Heritage Scrapbook
Find out more about your
heritage. Do you know your
family history or the history of
other people who share your
heritage? Display what you
find out, perhaps through a
chart, a time line, a family
tree, journal entries, a story, or
a scrapbook of photographs
or mementoes.

2. What's in a Name? .
See if you can discover the 11 meaning of your first name,
 your middle name, or your family name. Find out about
other people who have the same name. Do they have a
heritage similar to yours, or are there other reasons or sources for the name? 
3. Broaden Your Background
Find out about famous people
who share your heritage.
What did they accomplish?
Why are they famous? Think
about an accomplishment
that you would like to make
someday. Then think of a way
you could accomplish this
dream, and write a simple
plan or time line with your
dream as a goal.
 4. Celebrate Your  Heritage
Find a way to celebrate your
heritage. What have you
inherited that makes you the
person you are? How can you
show that you are proud of
your heritage?

5. Make a toy, cook, or a special  dish;
or learn a game,
song, or dance that one
of your ancestors might
have enjoyed. 

6. Who Said It?
Begin a "wisdom list" of
quotations, sayings, and
advice that your parents,
grandparents, and other
older people have shared
with you. Put together a
booklet that includes your
favorite ones.

7.Get Together
Ask older people to tell you
about their lives, interesting
events they remember,
or special stories. Can
you discover something
about your heritage from
their stories?

8. Your Personal Heritage
Start a diary or scrapbook
of your own memories.
Write about some important
events from your childhood
and include important
recent happenings. Try to
write in your diary at least
once a week.

9.  Memories
Look around your room or
your home and choose one
object that you believe you
would want to keep with you
as you grow up. Why did you
choose this object? Why is it
important to you? Next, ask
older friends or relatives to
show you and tell you about
an object that they have had
for a long time. Why have
they kept it? Why is it
important to them?

10. Host a  Heritage Night
Turn one of your Girl Scout
troop meetings or events into
a heritage celebration. Each
girl can share three things
about her heritage. Show
pictures, read poetry, display
artwork, or prepare food that
reflects your heritage. You
can also teach a game, song,

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