Mystery Kit

  • $4.99

Help solve the mysteries of the CHEATING CHEF and STOLEN SCARF. 

Other mysteries available to add on in the drop down menu! (Each add on comes with a bar and papers to solve a mystery)

Included in Kit:

  • (1) Mystery patch
  • (1) Cheating Chef bar
  • (1) Stolen Scarf bar (Use your magnifying glass to view markings on the scarf)
  • Top Secret notepad
  • Mini magnifying glass
  • Activity sheets and stories for each mystery
  • Cheating Chef board game with playing cards (printed on heavy cardstock)

  • Tainted Truck in Haiti- (Who spray painted art and lettering on the "Tap Tap Transportation Truck".  View handwriting/or cipher for older participants.
  • Missing Mask in The Bahamas- Determine the person by viewing their craft baskets of items and see who stole the mask and added decorations to try and destroy their design.
  • Ruined Runway in California- Glamtop magazine is having a fashion and show and you need find out who destroyed a piece of clothing. Compare fingerprints/designers scissors.
  • Lost Loot in North Carolina- Use the found treasure map and clues to see where the lost loot has been hidden. Counting squares on grid and following directions on letter.
  • Haunted House in Oregon- Is Grandma's house haunted or is someone trying to move her out. Use the letters and clues to determine who is evolved and "haunting" the house.
  • Poisoned Sushi in Japan- someone has been poisoned in the restaurant. Get to the bottom of it by translating the customers check and menu. (English version menu included)
  • Stolen Treasure in Egypt- Taking a tour in Egypt resulted in some stolen items along the way.  Using hieroglyphics to decode the  message found.  Older ones can determine who.
  • Missing Tiara in England- While visiting the Buckingham palace one of the tiara's is missing.  Play the "clue' game and find out who and where it is.
  • Broken Maracas in Mexico- Find out who broke the maracas at the famous exhibit.  translate the Spanish note found at the scene to see who was there and near the maracas.
  • Presidents Watch in Washington DC- the watch comes up missing and you need to determine who did it through an elimination board game. Gather your clues and figure it out
  • Stolen Panda in Washington DC- A visit to the national zoo leaves a panda lost before the gates open that day. Where is the panda and how did it get there? Board Game included
  • Missing Horse in Oklahoma-Find out who took the horse statue by translating a note found using pictograph Native American symbols. 

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