National Christmas Tree patch with activity sheets

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  1. Since 1923 the lighting of the National Christmas tree has been lit. Find out who lit the first tree and how tall the tree was.
  2. In 1954, the tree lighting ceremony expanded for three weeks and smaller trees were placed around the large tree to represent the states. It was called the “Pageant of Peace” and nightly entertainment presented. Find out more about the entertainment shown today, participate in a program, or watch it on TV.
  3. The National Christmas tree is lit every year around the beginning of December. Find out where the tree is located and who lights the tree annually.
  4. Every year one of the kind ornaments are created by artists that symbolize the history, heritage and culture of their state. The ornaments are displayed on the smaller trees located around the National Christmas tree. Create your own design for an ornament representing your culture or where you live or view the ornaments on display. 
  5. Watch the lighting or performers online, on TV, OR in person.
  6. Learn more about the White House that is located in the background of the tree display. Play a game, take a tour, or view pictures online.
  7. Over 100 countries celebrate Christmas. Learn about one other country and how they celebrate Christmas. Do they have a tree, if so what do they use for decorations.
  8. Reach out to our soldiers during the holiday season and send them a card to celebrate. Templates for cards are included in this kit.
  9. Making cookies and treats is popular during the month of December. Create a treat, have a cookie exchange OR make cookies for the needy.
  10. Plastic – items such as milk jugs, thin plastic folders, 2 liter soda bottles, etc.Learn about another culture’s holiday that is similar to Christmas. Some exampled include: Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s.
  11. Singers attend the “Pageant of Peace” annually around the National Christmas Tree. Participate in caroling, watch the Pageant of Peace, or participate in a singing program at the event.
  12. Create a craft, play a game, or have a partyduring the holiday season.

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