Native American Lore (Brownie Try-It)

Native American Lore (Brownie Try-It)

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Native American Lore Try-It Requirements

Complete 3 requirements

  1. Find the name of a Native American tribe that once lived near your home.  What kind of dwellings did they live in?
  2. Find some visible evidence that Native Americans once lived near your home, such as mounds, arrowheads, and other artifacts or which local towns and rivers have Native American names. You can visit a local park or area that may have preserved some of these artifacts.
  3. Learn an old Native American legend from the internet, story or book. (example: How the bear lost his tail) and explain the meaning of the legend.
  4. Discuss the types of dwellings of other Native Americans in other parts of the country. What did they live in.  Draw a picture or construct a model of one of these dwellings.
  5. Discuss the types of games played by Native American children.  Learn how to play one.
  • Blackfoot Indian girl’s versions of tag: Seven or eight girls form a line, each girl puts her hands on the waist of the girl in front of her. The leader tries to swing the line so that she can turn and tag the girl at the end of the line. The girl at the end must keep her place in line but she may duck and twist to avoid being tagged. If the leader succeeds in tagging her, the girl at the end becomes the leader and the girl in front of her becomes the last in line.
  • Nootka Indian Children’s Guessing Game: Divide into two groups. One group covers their heads with a blanket, the other group passes a small stone from one to the other behind their backs. Their opponents remove the blanket and try to guess which girl is holding the stone. If they are right, they take the next turn passing the stone. If not, they put the blanket back over their heads and the game continues.

6.  Learn about Native American crafts and unique creations.  Make an item they may have created during their time period.  Corn Cob Doll, dream catcher, pottery, leather crafts, beaded jewelry, and sewing.

  • Corn Cob Doll: Fold corn husks over a corn cob. Tie a string across the top to mark the head and around the waist. Use cornsilk as hair with a strip of yarn as a headband. Paint a face on the doll.

7.  Discuss Native American song and dance.  Look online and view an authentic Native American chant and dance. Why are they important to the Native Americans?  For extra, Make some instruments (rattles, drums, etc.).

8.  Learn about the different foods prepared and eaten by Native Americans. Prepare or taste something.

  • Succotash: Mix a can of corn and a can of lima beans in a two quart saucepan. Season with salt and pepper. Heat thoroughly over medium heat. Add butter or margarine if desired.
  • Note: Always have an adult assist when using the stove or oven.

9.  Learn about Native American creations that were needed for their daily life. Example: Basket weaving,  weaving,  pottery, textiles, etc. Try one of these crafts.

10.  Make a piece of clothing or accessory worn by a Native American (example: vests, moccasins, etc.).

11.  Learn about pictographs and Native American symbols.  Try to create a sentence using the symbols. 

12.  Create your own totem pole. On paper or with bottom half of a paper egg carton to draw the totem pole on. What symbols and animals did you place on your totem pole?

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