People of the World (Brownie Try-it)--great for thinking day

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1. Language is an important part of a person's
background. Look through your handbook
and other books. How many different
languages can you find? Hint: Not all the
languages are spoken. Name the languages
that are spoken in your community.
2. Fighting Prejudice
In your Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, on
page 128, read the "Fighting Prejudice"
section of the chapter "People Near and Far."
Then read the "Dr. M Letter" on the same
page. Role-play the scene in the school
lunchroom. Discuss it with your friends.
Then decide on a different way the scene
might end. Role-play that.

3. World Stories
Close your eyes and put your finger on a
globe or world map. Use your imagination to
create a story about a girl your age who lives
there. Share the story with your Girl Scout
troop or group.
4. World Reporter
Interview someone who was born and lived
for a few years in a country other than the
U.S.A. Ask about things that are the same
and things that are different in the two
countries they've lived in. Ask how holidays
are celebrated. Share what you've learned.

5. Game from Denmark
This game uses the names of different fish.
Do you know why this game is popular in
Denmark? Find Denmark on a globe or map.
You will see that it is near a lot of water.
1. Use chalk or string to mark circles on the
floor or ground.
2. Get into pairs. Each pair, except for one,
should stand in a circle and choose the
name of a fish. The names of some fishes
are: sea bass, trout, perch, catfish, herring,
salmon pike, flounder, porgie, sunfish,
. sturgeon, bluefish, and blackfish.
3. The two girls who have not chosen fish
names are the whales. They walk around
the outside of the circles and call out
names of fish.
4. When a pair's fish name is called, they
leave the circle and walk behind the
5. After all fish names are called, or after the
whales call all the names they can think
of, the whales shout, "The ocean is
stormy.I "
6. Then everybody rushes to find a circle.
Any two girls can get in a circle.
The two girls left without a circle become
the whales for the next game.

6.Flags of countries
Every country has a flag. Each flag has
certain colors and designs that make it
different from the flags of other countries.
People are proud of their flag because they
love their country. In this country, you can
see the American flag flying from public
buildings like the post office, some banks
and public schools, and even from private
Look at the pictures of flags on this page.
Select one of them. Learn what country it
represents. Then find that country on the

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