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Pizza Party  (all ages complete 3 requirements)


Pizza is one of the most popular dishes around the world. It is generally a flat round bread which is oven-baked and covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella cheese. Toppings are also added depending on the region, culture or personal preference.

  1. Pizza dough

Dough making has been known to humans for ages.  Use prepared pizza dough out of a can, box or freezer section and learn how to roll it out and shape it for your round pizza  OR prepare hand-made dough. [see below recipe]

  1. Pizza sauce

Choose a pizza sauce that made for pizza or a tomato sauce only which is lightly herbed with oregano and basil. Spread it on your pizza evenly in the center and moving out making sure you don’t touch the sides. 

  1. Toppings

Make a list of toppings that go on a pizza.  What topping would you like on your pizza?  Start with shredded mozzarella cheese and top with other items like pepperoni, mushrooms, etc.  Preheat and bake your pizza in the oven according to the directions on the package.

  1. Have a pizza party and order pizza from a local company. Vote and choose your toppings for the pizza. Share with others.
  2. Take a tour of a pizza shop and learn how pizzas are made.
  3. Learn about careers in pizza making, baking, or owning your own business.
  4. Watch a someone make a pizza in a restaurant or place that makes pizza.
  5. Learn more about a country that serves pizza or similar foods. Do they call it pizza or something different?  How is it different? Some countries have food created on flatbread that originated from the pizza idea.
  6. Pizza used to be sold at outside bakeries until the 1860’s then it was sold in pizzerias.  Create an early version of pizza or a pizza Margherita or taste bread dipped in olive oil.  First pizza: tomato sauce with oregano, basil, tomato, and olive oil.   Pizza Margherita, in honor of the Queen: a pizza flat bread garnished with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil.
  7. Make a dessert pizza or cookie pizza by rolling out sugar cookie dough and having each person place an item on the pizza like chocolate candies, coconut, nuts, and a variety of toppings.  Cut and serve.
  8. Fruity Pizza. Make a dough out of sugar cookie dough and add sliced fruit after it is cooled.  [see recipe below]
  9. Make a small pizza on baguette bread, premade dough, or English muffin.  Add sauce and toppings bake in the oven until cheese melts. About 5 minutes.
  10. Pizza was first sold in the United States in 1904. People could not afford an entire pizza so they started selling it by the slice. The cost for one whole pizza was about 5 cents.  How much is a pizza today?
  11. Pizza was only available in restaurants in the United States until the early 1940’s pizza delivery service companies opened and started offering varieties of dough, toppings, and styles of pizza. View different pizza types online or on brochures.  Have a taste test of two different pizzas.  Which one did you like best?



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