Playing Around the World (Brownie Try-it)

Playing Around the World (Brownie Try-it)

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1. Kim 's Game (England)
Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the
world play this game. You and your friends
can have fun playing it, too!
You will need:
• 1 or more friends.
• At least 10 small things.
• A scarf or piece of cloth.
1. Put 10 things on a table. Be sure you can
cover all of them with the scarf or piece of
2. Show the players the 10 things for one
minute. Then cover them.
3. Ask the players what was on the table. See
if they can list all 10 things.

2. Red Light green Light (USA)
Here is one of many ways to play this game.
1. Choose someone to be "it." The person
who is "it" stands at one end of the
playing field, far away from all the other
2. The other players line up along the
starting line at the opposite end of the
3. "It" turns her back to the group and yells
"green light." The players may now run
toward "it."
4. When "it" yells "red light," everyone must
stop running and freeze. "It" turns around
right after she yells "red light." If "it"
catches anyone moving, that person has to
go back to the starting line.
5. The game continues until someone has
been able to reach and touch "it" while "it"
has her back turned to the group.
6 . That person becomes "it ."

3. Sheep and Hyena
See if you can keep the sheep away from the
hungry hyena! Get at least 10 people to play.
1. Players join hands and form a tight circle.
2. The hyena stays outside the circle. The
sheep stays inside the circle.
3. The players in the circle have to try to
keep the hyena from breaking through the
circle to get to the sheep. The game ends
when the hyena gets the sheep or gets too
tired to go after the sheep anymore.
4. Two other people become the sheep and

4. Hawk and Hens
This is a great chasing game for times when
you have lots of energy and want to run. You
will need at least four people and two safety
1. One person is the hawk. All the other
players are hens.
2. The hawk stands between the safety zones
and tries to catch the hens as they run
back and forth from one safety zone to the
3. When a hen is caught, she sits on the side
and watches the game.
4. The last hen to be caught by the hawk
becomes the next hawk.

5.  Jan-Ken-Pon
This is a game for two players.
1. Two players face each other with their
hands behind them.
2. Together, they say "jan-ken-pon." On
"pon," both bring a hand forward to stand
for a stone (a fist), paper (flat hand), or
scissors (V-shape with the index finger
and middle finger).
3. Stone beats scissors because it can break
them. Scissors beat paper because they can
cut it. Paper beats stone because paper can
wrap up the stone.
4. A player gets a point each time her hand
beats the other's. The first player who gets
seven points wins.

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