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All levels earn 3 requirements.

1. Equipment. Learn about the equipment needed to complete potions. Examples are: cauldrons, eye dropper, stir stick, etc.

2. Ingredients. Learn about different types of ingredients that go into wizard potions. For extra, categorize the ingredients.

3. Effects. Learn about how 2-3 ingredients react and effect a potion. Learn what is a good combination and a bad one.

4. Locations. Learn where to get the ingredients and equipment in order to make potions. Examples are classroom, greenhouse, and apothecary.

5. Create your own. Create your own potion with ingredients and see what happens.

6. With a twist. Add to an existing potion with your own twist. 

7. Explosion! Create a potion that uses alka seltzer or pop rocks to explode your creation.

8. Drink up. Create a potion that you can drink after!

9. Decorate. Decorate your potions bottles with labels, ribbon, and a name!

10. Science. Learn about how potions are a science. 

11. Careers. Learn about 2 different careers that involve potions making. Examples include: candy maker, professor, and shop owner.

12. Film. Watch a film or TV show that involves potions.

13. Video tape it. Make a video of you making a potion to share with others.

14. Edible vs. Not. Learn about ingredients in potions that you CAN'T eat.

15. Potions Book. Make your own potions handbook or add some of your own potions to an existing book.

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