Reading Adventure Patch

Reading Adventure Patch

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This is a great way to reward participants for reading no matter what age...reading is a great adventure to enjoy! 

Free certificates and bookmarks online HERE.


Patch Requirements:


OPTION ONE: Choose any TWO books to read according to your age level.

OPTION TWO: Choose TWO of the following requirements to earn this patch. Turn in your form to your group. You do not need to turn in your form to order the patch.

1. CREATIVITY--Create a story, book report, or craft depicting a book that you have read. Examples are posters, puppets, bookmark, or sketch.

2. ANIMALS AND INSECTS- Read a book that has animals or insects as one of the characters. Examples are Franklin the turtle, Hungry Caterpillar, or teddy bears.

3. MAGICAL ADVENTURE--Read a book that has castles, knights, princesses, wizards, or other magical characters. Examples of books are fairy tales, folktales, legends, myths, fables, or magic.

4. MYSTERY OR HISTORICAL-Read a book that is a mystery, historical events or characters, detective stories, or forensic cases. Some examples include Nancy Drew, I solved a Mystery, or Mini Mysteries by American Girl.

5. HIDE AND SEEK--Complete a word search, crossword puzzle, word or hidden picture page, or any other fun activity that involves interactive learning.

6. TRAVEL AND CULTURE---Read a book that involves travel, international theme, or holiday themed. Examples are Spanish Fiesta, time travel, Christmas craft books, international folktales, or the rainforest.

7. GIVE A HAND---Give back to the community and participate in any volunteer opportunity involving reading or books. Examples include book drives, reading to the younger children or elderly, or volunteering at the library.

8. TRUE STORY-Read a book about a person, place or thing that is non fiction. This includes biographies, informational books, and inspirational stories.

9. IN PRINT- Read a magazine, newspaper, or short story. Examples are the current news, pop and culture articles, style, quizzes, sports, food, and comics.

10. FREE CHOICE- Choose one of your favorite books, a new book, or any book of your choice.

11. TEACH ME- Read passages in a book that teaches you a something new. Examples are: manners, cooking, yoga, sewing, how to save money, fitness, letter art, paper and art fun, scrapbooking, or drawing.

12. FUN TIMES- Create your own book to read or share. Examples are: scrapbook, journal, planner, puzzle books, coloring book, brainteasers, and short story.

13. EXTRA ! EXTRA! - Complete one of our kits or research some ideas to enhance a book that you read or research the time period, item, country, recipe, or character that is depicted in the book that you read. Example: Lilo and Stitch, learn about Hawaii or create a recipe; Mummies and Pyramids, learn more about Egypt.