Solar System (artistic circle creation)

Solar System (artistic circle creation)

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Learn more about the solar system

Our solar system includes  the Sun,  the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, dwarf planets such as Pluto, lots of moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids.

Choose 3 requirements to earn the patch.

1. What is the solar system?  Create or color a picture of the solar system.

2. How many planets are in the solar system ?  Choose one to learn more about. Such as the color, size, and number of moons. Worksheet in space kit

3.  Create your own planet on paper.  What is the coloring, special features, are there living items on it?  What is the name of your planet?

4.  Did you know that there are space simulators created for space camps and to practice missions to other planets?  Sketch out the  inside of the simulator. You can add shelves, cabinets and containers to hold your items.  Worksheet in space kit

 5. Create a craft, SWAP, or color a picture that resembles science or solar system. Examples include:  Glow in the dark beaded SWAP, cog craft representing science, or color a picture of the items in the solar system OR a drawing of items in space. 

6.Play a game that represents the theme of space.  It can be a card, board, memory or game you make up that supports the theme.

7. Create or enjoy food representing space. Examples include: cupcakes decorated  with swirls of colors and round candies or cereal pieces on top representing planets, pop rocks or cotton candy on top of cupcakes representing asteroids and milky way, cookies shaped like a sun or planet, decorate your own cupcake that represents your planet, astronaut food,  designs with colorful frosting and other fun toppings.  Rename some of your snacks with space themed names.

8. Attend an event or complete an activity representing space or the solar system OR visit a planetarium or space related museum or building to view more about space. 

9.  Stars are grouped together in huge  collections called galaxies. We live in the
galaxy called the Milky Way. What color is the hottest or coldest star? What is largest star in the solar system?

10.  What is an asteroid, comet, OR meteoroid.  Find out what one of them look like and if they move.



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