Spa Fun

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Kit to complete this badge is HERE

Spa Requirements

BR 2 requirements, all other levels complete 3 requirements

  1. Listen to different types of music to relax or while completing a relaxing activity, like coloring or sketching. The music could be your favorite song or something that makes you feel better after a stressful day.
  2. Create a basket for someone else that will make them feel special or show them someone cares. This could be for the homeless shelter, women’s shelter or people in the hospital.
  3. Make your own smoothie or have an outing with your friends or family at a local yogurt or smoothie shop. Hanging out with friends/family helps you unwind and gives you time to talk your day out.
  4. Try to unwind after school. Lie on the floor and do some stretches or relaxing yoga poses.
  5. Make your own body gel using the below recipe or your own.

Glitter Glow: Aloe vera gel, container, and a pinch of loose body glitter. (A little glitter goes a long way, found at places that sell cosmetics) You will also need a disposable bowl and spoon.

Place the aloe vera in the bowl.  Add a pinch of glitter, stir. Continue this process until the body gel is glittery enough for your personality. Give yourself a glow by placing it on arms or legs. Do not place near eyes or on face.

  1. Have a lotion testing. Choose three different lotions to see what smell or blend you like best.  You can do this at home or in a store that offers testers.  If you are bringing in a large group you should as ahead of time prior to bringing the group in.
  2. Find out what season you are according to your hair color. You can use a simple quiz or color swatches to see what season is best for you.
  3. Make a color swatch of the colors that look best on you by creating squares of colors with crayons or markers. You can use this swatch the next time you go shopping for clothes, accessories, or nail polish.
  4. Do your nails match your season? Trace your hand on a piece of paper and color in your nail colors according to your season or color palette. Which color do you like best?  For extra, paint your nails.
  5. Bubble bath can smell wonderful and can relax you in the tub. Create your own bubble bath by mixing two different blends.  Example:  Vanilla Cupcake with Strawberry.  Place it in a special container.  Give it a unique name. 
  6. Create some healthy snacks for you and your family. It can be a fruit salad, apples and dip, or a veggie snack.
  7. Create a homemade lip gloss. Use the below recipe or your own recipe.

1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly

1/4 teaspoon of loose powder eye shadow                         

 Sprinkle of loose body glitter to add shine

 Toothpick or plastic spoon to stir the mixture

 Container or ziploc bag to place the lip gloss in

Using a plastic spoon, place the petroleum jelly in the container or mini ziploc bag.  Place the loose eye shadow in the container. Different colored eye shadow makes the tint of the gloss change. Stir the items together in the container with a coffee stirrer or strong toothpick.  If you are using a bag keep the items together in a small corner of the bag while you massage the dry items in the jelly.  EXPERIMENT! Add the petroleum jelly, powder and glitter until it gets the color you desire.

  1. Create a homemade spa recipe. Examples are: Facial mask, bath salts, or lotion.
  2. Paint your nails or give yourself a pedicure. For extra, place designs, decals, or other special techniques to place on their nails.

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