Summer Adventure Patch and KIT

  • $2.99

Go on a summer adventure scavenger hunt with this kit. Each page has an icon picture and information of what to find on your scavenger hunt.  There is two items on each page to find and a large square at the bottom to place your reward star when you complete the item.

Kit for 1 includes:

    • Summer Adventure or Summertime fun patch
    • (1) Mystery summer themed item (ranges from notepads, key chains, to sunglasses and puzzle games.)
    • (2) summer foam shape
    • 16 reward stickers to place in your 16 page mini booklet
    • Summer themed tattoo
    • 1 summer adventure scavenger hunt mini booklet with cover (you create yourself)
    • 1 summer coloring page


The following requirements should be chosen according to the age level of the participant. The requirements can be worked on as a group or individually. Each requirement can be completed at home, in school, or with specific groups.

OPTION ONE: Choose any THREE activities under one category (requirement) to complete.
OPTION TWO: Choose 3 of the following requirements to earn this patch.

1. SUN- Have fun in the sun! Any outdoor activity. Examples include: gardening, camping, biking, sidewalk chalk, holiday fun, or lemonade stand.

2. BEACH BALL– Have fun with water! Examples: Beach time, swimming pool, sprinkler, build sand castles, water parks, water tubing, canoeing, sailing, rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing or water games.

3. BOOK– Have fun with your imagination! Examples: Read or make your own book, learn something new, complete one of our kits, participate in the summer reading program, watch a movie that originated from a book, draw or create illustrations, act out, dress up or create a skit, play charades, or create a comic strip.

4. CAR– Have fun with traveling! Travel in a plane, bus, car, train, boat, bike or any transportation. Other Examples: Create your own car out of cardboard, play car games, learn about transportation at museums or books, or look for your destination on a map and pick fun things to do.

5. FOOD- Enjoy summertime food! Examples: Ice Cream cones, watermelon, picnics, BBQ, family reunions, summer parties, learn about summer foods, or try a new food.

6. HOUSE OR BUILDING-Visit another home or building. Examples: Visit a friend or relative, explore a landmark, building, museum or historical site OR create your own building with blocks, art or other medium.

7. TICKET– Attend any place that requires a ticket! Examples: Amusement parks, movies, plays, rides, carnival, fairs, festivals, or concerts.

8. TREE- Complete any outdoor activity! Examples: Take a hike, visit a park, have a picnic, animal watch, visit a natural landmark, dig for gems or gold, fishing, canoeing, plant a tree, or jump rope.

9. PEOPLE– Have fun with your family or friends. Examples: Plan outings, play games, movie night, art and crafts, trips, or Holiday fun.

10. BALL– Have fun with games! Indoor or Outdoor. Examples: Create your own games, play a board game, playground fun, horseshoes, volleyball, field day, carnival games, car games, electronic games or physical games.

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