Water Fun and Swimming (troops own)

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BR & JR - 3 requirements, CA - 4 requirements

(adult supervision is needed at the beach, pool, or near water) Don't feel uncomfortable if your skills are less than others.  The idea is to feel safe in the water and have fun.

1. Visit a water area and complete an activity.  Examples:  wade in waves, play in the water, float, lazy river, and water slides.

2.  Follow water safety rules whether you are snorkeling, swimming or at a water park.  Use the buddy system when you are at the water or swimming.  Never go near the water alone. What are some of the rules posted near the water area?   

3.  Take swim lessons or practice your swimming at a pool.  Demonstrate one of the following strokes:  Freestyle or front crawl stroke, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke OR sidestroke.

4.  Demonstrate some basic movements in the pool to show you are comfortable with the water. Start in the shallow end for these demonstrations. Complete one of the following:  Tread water for 30 seconds, float on your back, OR squat in the water then go under to practice holding your breath for 10 seconds. Don't feel uncomfortable if your skills are less than others.  The idea is to feel safe in the water and have fun.

5. A lifeguard  is a person who supervises the safety and rescue of swimmers in need.  Lifeguards are strong swimmers and trained in CPR/AED and first aid. They make sure you are following the rules for your own safety.  Find out what training and tests they have to take to be a lifeguard.   Name a piece of equipment they use and how?

6. Learn more about life jackets and flotation devices that keep you safe.  If you are not comfortable in deep water then you should wear a life jacket while snorkeling, boating, and other water activities. Have you ever wore one if so when?  Learn more about life jackets OR demonstrate how to use the flotation device located at the pool to pull someone in that may need assistance.

7.  If you can swim, complete one of the following activities:  Swim the length of the pool, Glide across the pool and touch the other side, swim underwater, dive off the diving board, or jump in the water from the side and swim the length of the pool.

8.  Participate in a water game in the shallow end of the pool. Never be aggressive or fight, pull someone under the water, or create a dangerous environment in or out of the pool.  Examples are:  Diving for rings or toys, toss or pass a beach ball like hot potato, ping pong ball collection, sharks and minnows, floatie race, or Mr. Fox says (Mother May I).

9.  Participate in a swimming competition with your family, group or swim team.  Learn about starting marks, timing, and scoring.

10.  Learn more about a famous swimmer and their achievements. Did they win any medals or trophies? What makes them a better swimmer than others?

11. Participate in a party, event, or activity that involves swimming or going to a water park. Make sure you follow the rules and stay safe. What was your favorite activity?

12.  Practice snorkeling in the shallow end of the pool.  You will need a snorkel kit for this activity.  Make sure the mask fits your face and you practice using the snorkel mouth piece.  Demonstrate that you can snorkel, clear fog from your mask and know how to clear the mouth piece. 


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