Thank You Pinwheels

  • $2.99

Slides to learn more about pinwheels & how they work HERE.

Create a pinwheel and plant it in your yard so delivery people and neighbors can see your thankful pinwheel.

What are THANK YOU pinwheels?
THANK YOU pinwheels are pinwheels that are made to display in your yard or in front of your house to thank the essential workers (delivery, mail, nurses/doctors, etc.) for their selfless service. Decorate it with "THANKS," smiley faces, hearts, etc. to honor and thank them.

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Thank you pinwheel patch
  • Pinwheel template
  • Pencil for pinwheel
  • Pin to secure the pinwheel on the pencil
  • Instructions on how to put the pinwheel together

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