Juniors Earn GS WAYS

Juniors Earn GS WAYS

  • $5.99

Imagine yourself living during the time period that Juliette Low.  Learn about inventions, games, language of the fan, and paper dolls with uniform images.

Recipes and badge information from leaders of the past when they were in scouts or a leader.

Items included in kit:

  • Juliette Low Patch (style will vary)
  • Letters to Ladies Patch
  • Paper Crafts Patch
  • Colorful paper to create a paper fan
  • Language of the fan from the 1900's
  • Colorful stationery to send a note or letter (*community service)
  • Songs to sing and a worksheet to write your own version or song
  • Getting to know Juliette Low-- story to read about her childhood and creation of scouting.
  • Traditional games Juliette Low liked to play
  • Badge activities from the past
  • Interview from a scout in the 70's and activities she completed
  • Recipes from scout leaders in the past
  • word  search of clothing in the 1900's
  • Old to New activity sheet
  • Inventions puzzle (Items invented during Juliette Low' time period)
  • Scout paper dolls with uniforms on

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