Weather Watcher (Junior Badge)

Weather Watcher (Junior Badge)

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Weather Watcher complete 6 activities.


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  1. Learn about "homemade" weather instruments and make at least one weather instrument.
  2. Learn a weather myth or legend and share it with a friend.
  3. Know the rules of safe conduct during a thunderstorm out of doors and indoors.
  4. Learn about and make the five weather flags on paper.  Display one of your weather flag at camp or at your next troop meeting.
  5. Participate in a weather scavenger hunt with your friends and/or take a wind walk. Examples: create index cards on pieces of paper of different weather conditions.  On a separate card place the definition of that weather condition. Turn over a card and try to match it to the definition. See who can collect the most cards.  
  6. Learn ten of the weather symbols used by the National Weather Service. Examples:  What do they use for the symbol for snow, rain, wind, and sunny days when they show the weather on TV or online.
  7.  What is a weather vane look like?  What is it used for?
  8. Create a chart on a piece of paper and write down the weather for a week. The following information should be on your chart:  The hottest and coolest temperature of the day and the weather (sunny, snow, rain, wind,etc).
  9. View a weather prediction on line or the weather channel.  Write the weather down or print it out.  Refer to it each day and see if the correct weather was predicted.  Was it correct, close, or not even near what the weather was. #8 and #9 can be completed together.
  10. Find out about careers with the weather.  Choose one and learn about some requirements for their job.
  11. Learn about emergency preparedness when a sudden turn happens in the weather. Choose one and learn more about it and what should you do if it happened in your community. Examples are: hurricanes, tornado, floods, tsunami, hail storms, snow storm, and ice storms.
  12. Choose a country near you, like England, and one far away like Australia, and look up what the weather is like there today.  Is it different or the same as yours?  What is the weather typically like in those countries?

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