Weather Wise (Brownie Try-It)

Weather Wise (Brownie Try-It)

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When you purchase the try-it the worksheet will be sent to you as a download.

  1. Learn about "homemade" weather instruments and make at least one weather instrument.
  2. Write down your weather for a period of at least three days.
  3. Learn a weather myth or legend and share it with a friend.
  4. Know the rules of safe conduct during a thunderstorm out of doors and indoors.
  5. Learn about and make the five weather flags on paper.  Display a weather flag at camp or at your troop meeting.
  6. Participate in a weather scavenger hunt with your friends and/or take a wind walk. Examples: Create index cards or pieces of paper of different weather conditions.  On a separate card place the word of that weather condition. Turn over a card and try to match it to the definition. See who can collect the most cards.  Example: Sun= This symbol is used when it is hot outside.
  7. Learn ten of the weather symbols used by the National Weather Service. Examples:  What do they use for the symbol for snow, rain, wind, and sunny days when they show the weather on TV or online.




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