Western (Troop's Own)

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All ages complete 3 requirements


 1. Learn about where people wear western clothing. What climate is it like? What is the area like? For extra, locate one on a map.


  1. Explore what Western clothing looks like. What makes up a Western outfit? Try on some pieces or make your own. For extra, place a design on a bandana.


  1. Learn about the care and taking of horses. What do you need to do to prepare a horse to ride it? What about getting off the horse?


  1. Lots of people dress up in Western clothing to go to rodeos. What is a rodeo like? What do they do?


  1. Many horses are dressed up in colorful or shiny outfits to enter into contests. Draw a horse costume or create one for a miniature or doll horse.


  1. Some Western areas are known for specific types of great food. Try a recipe like cornbread, chili, oatmeal, iced tea, or try a food at a restaurant OR have your own Western picnic with a snack.


  1. Learn some Western terms or horse terms like “yehaw,” “ya’ll,” or “giddy up.” Research some more and practice them with your troop.


  1. Go to an event where a rodeo is taking place or that has a Western theme. For extra, you can create your own event.


  1. Interview someone with a Western background and ask them what it is like to ride horses for a long period of time.


  1. Demonstrate community service by helping clean up or set up for a Western event or rodeo. Help put up or make signs, making drinks or refreshments, or handing out flyers.


  1. Go to a tack shop or a saddler OR have someone show you what a real saddle looks like. How much is a saddle? How much is a complete riding outfit? For extra, ride a horse.


  1. Incorporate a Western dance, song, game, recipe, or craft into your meeting. For extra, make up your own game or song.

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