Whole New World

  • $1.55

Patch Details: 2.5"/85% embroidered/Metallic bronze, red, gold, & blue threads


  1. Watch a magical or cultural themed movie.
  2. Attend a dance or special themed event.
  3. Create a themed craft or bracelet kit Click here for the matching bracelet kit.
  4. Read a story about a magical land, lamp, carpet or more.
  5. Wear or create your own sheer scarf and learn some dance steps that represent the theme of the patch.
  6. Create your own themed accessory. Example: Crown, glittery headband, ball mask, bedazzled mirror, or fan.
  7. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of the patch. Decorate cupcakes or cookies; castle cake, sparkle punch, or heart shaped cookies.
  8. Learn about different princess tips to take care of your body. Create a Example: Create lip gloss, clean and paint your nails, create bath salts, OR learn tips on skin, hair, and nail care.
  9. Create beautiful stationery or invitations. Example: Floral notepad, quill, scroll, or invite.
  10. Have a princess tea or attend a special event fit for a princess. For extra, learn about tea manners or create tea foods.
  11. Be a beautiful princess inside by giving to others through community service. Create cards, collect food, make valentines, or donate bears. The ideas are endless.

Items Included in Patch Kit:

    • Whole New World patch (metallic threads)
    • Whole New World Bracelet kit (5 charms, 25 beads, and string)
    • Metallic Pencil
    • Activity Sheet
    • Character sticker

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