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Make someone's wish come true and write a letter to Santa.

Patch Requirements

1. Watch a movie or read a book with this theme.

2. Dream and make wishes.  Write down a wish you would like to come true.  For extra, How can you make this dream come true? 

3. Create a uniquely me activity.  Write down your favorite things, activities and hobbies.  

4. Write down a place you wish you could travel to or visit.  How can you make your  wish achievable? 

5. Many people like to use their art skills to create things.  Complete an art project.  For extra, make it shiny like a star in the sky. 

6. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of stars, wishes, and things you enjoy.  Examples:  castle cake adorned with stars and other fun designs; chocolate dipped cookies;  brownies cut into star shapes, add shiny sprinkles to make the stars special; or decorated cupcakes with gummy stars and fun  magical sprinkles.

7. Have a scavenger hunt outdoors or indoors. Use your skills to find all items.  For extra, complete one that has a treasure at the end.

8.  Assist in helping children's wish come true.  Create letters to Santa and place them at Macy's (they donate funds for every letter written to make wishes come true.) Other  examples: adopt animals, donate animals through farming programs, volunteer or donate at Ronald McDonald House, or create boxes of items for children in hospitals.

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