Wizarding Quests Kit

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Wizarding World of Quests patch (laser cut)
  • Mischief mini managed patch (2 inch embroidered)
  • Train ticket (full color)
  • Scratch off train or owl (images will vary)
  • Magical Adventurer ID full color card (for completion of program)
  • Learn about the unique transportation in the Wizarding world. (purple bus, flying car, floo powder, and more.
  • Quest#1-I spy puzzle of wizard items. How many can you find?
  • Magical drinks, cookies, and snitch pop recipes.
  • Quest #2- Make it through the maze for a golden cup.
  • Broom treat bags and on a mission trail mix recipes.
  • Quest#3- Draw your items or findings on the secret map with magical footsteps.
  • Recipes for Butterbeer fuel squares and smoothies.
  • Play Tabletop Quidditch--instructions
  • Quest#4-Decorate and design your own wizard dorm room
  • Quest #5-- Design your own quest--choose transportation, etc.
  • Quest#6--Scavenger Hunt.

Purchase the add on mystery triangle, circle or rectangle and receive a free activity sheet to complete the requirements. 

Choose 1 requirement to earn patch.

1. View: Watch a wizard movie or show that represents a quest. It could be learning potions, playing games, going through mazes, traveling to wizard school, winning team tournaments, going on an adventure/wizard school OR any other quest like adventure.

2. Castle: Create your own wizard castle on paper, with plastic building blocks, or cardboard; color or paint a wizard castle, complete a puzzle about wizard castles, learn about two different room in the castle, complete an I spy game using wizard items, OR imagine you are in the potion classroom and create a potion or concoction.

3. Broom: Play a game, create a craft, or learn more about what wizards use brooms for OR watch a movie/show using a broom in a magical way.

4.  Map:  Draw out your own secret wizard map on paper.  Include footsteps of where people have been. Create your own quest and draw people or items you would see on your map. Where are you? Examples: castle, forest, train, or your room.

5. Cup : Have a team competition for a golden cup or read a book, watch a movie, complete a maze on paper to capture the cup, go through a maze (this could be a corn maze or other designed mazes) OR watch a show that has wizard games or tournaments.

6. Train: Learn about different magical transportation items that wizards use by reading a book, watching a movie or show OR take a train ride on a quest of your own.

7. Magical Places: Locations around the world are sometimes considered magical or give good luck to those that visit and perform certain tasks.  Some are magical due to historical reasons and some are from myths.  Create your own quest on paper to visit a magical place or learn more about a magical place OR attend a magical themed event. 

8. Magical items: Over the years magical items have assisted wizards in quests for training animals, potions and spells. Choose one item and learn what it was used for. Such as brooms, wands, spell books, maps, suitcases, boxes, stones, hats, and quills.

9. Scavenger Hunt: Use a map or scavenger hunt list and go on a quest. Make a list of items to look for OR have an adult make the list and hide magical things inside or outside.  Want to explore more--make it interesting and hunt through a maze, park, campground or backyard.

10.  Quest: You’re going on a quest! Design your own quest--choose transportation, etc.  Where did you choose to go? It can be anywhere in the world! What transportation will you use? Who will go with you? What items will you bring? What will you be exploring or looking for on your quest? 

11. School:  You have just been sorted into your wizard house and moved into your dorm room at the Wizarding school. Your quest is to decorate your room according to the school requirements.  All students are required to decorate their room according to the colors they have been sorted into. Draw out your room and include personal items, your pet, and don't forget a banner with your house name and add any additional items to make it comfortable.

12. Recipe:  Create a recipe for magical cookies, smoothies, color revealing drinks,  or trail mix for your next quest.  The choice is up to you.

13. Mystery:  Go on a quest and participate in a mystery event, escape room, OR solve a mystery using clues, fingerprints, or other evidence by playing a game or solving it on paper or through a book.  View some mystery options here


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