Wizarding SPAtacular Kit

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Wizarding SPAtacular patch (laser cut)
  • Spatacular Specialist ID full color card (for completion of program)
  • Wizarding SPAtacular book with lots of potions and concoctions to create
  • Small Plastic container with a lid
  • Small colorful mixing spoon
  • Pixi Stick for making lip gloss (flavors vary)
  • Petrolum jelly packet (sealed) for making lip gloss
  • Recipes for spa drinks, lip gloss, body gel, face masks and more...

Add Troops own SPA and Cosmetology patches for $2 each.

Requirements for SPA (triangle, circle and rectangle) CLICK HERE
Requirements for Cosmetology (triangle, circle and rectangle) CLICK HERE

Choose 1 requirement to earn the  Wizard SPAtacular patch.  The Spatacular wizard book will help you earn the patch and other patch add ons.

1. Peaceful Harmony: Create your own pretend relaxation potion similar to the Draught of Peace potion. Examples: Bubble bath crystals, test tasting teas, foot soaks, or sipping your favorite drink or tea. List of your ingredients are uniquely listed in the SPAtacular booklet for activities.

2. Chocolate Delight: Chocolate can be good for stress and face masks are great for antioxidants for your skin. Experiment with chocolate. Create your own chocolate creation, purchase chocolate and have a tasting test, decorate chocolate cupcakes, or make or use chocolate masks or lip gloss.

3.Glittery Glam: Create your own lip gloss or glittery gel. You can create your own concoction of glittery SPAtacular potions or use some of the recipes in the spa booklet. Examples include: Butterybeer lip gloss, fruity whizbees lip gloss, chocolate cauldron lip gloss, glittery gumdrop lip gloss, and magical yule ball body glitter.

4. Facial Expression:: Feel like having a magical facial mask that afterward will make your skin feel fresh, clean, and hydrated. Make sure you use a recipe for your skin type. Do you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin? Use the SPAtacular handbook to find a concoction that is best for you and your friends.

5. Hair Raising Potions:: Purchase potion items that will make your hair more manageable, softer, remove tangles, or relax your curlies. Try it out or use it with your friends. (Use your own conditioner, hair gel or de-tanglers and relabel it for potion.)

6. Rub A Dub Scrub:: Create a foot, hand, or body scrub. Scrubs are SPAtacular potions leaving your skin soft and smooth. The sugar and oils in these particular potions also help hydrate and refresh skin. Examples of scrubs in the SPAtacular booklet: Honeybee Sugar Crystal Body Scrub, Lemondrop Crystal Body Scrub, Chocolate Coconut Ice Body Scrub, and Pepperimp Foot Scrub.


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