Wizarding World of Art Patch and Kit

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Wizarding World of Art patch
  • Wizarding World of Art booklet
  • Magical Artist full color ID Card (for completion of program)
  • 12 Colored pencils (design sticker with wizardy names for colors)
  • Art sketch booklet with colorful cover (4X6)
  • Full color color wheel card with information about art on the back (4X6)
  • Learn about art mediums, color combinations, recipes, crafts, pop art and puzzles. (and MORE--in booklet)

Order the creative arts triangle, circle, or rectangle with your purchase.  (kit covers requirements to earn it) Requirements are listed here

Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.

Purchase this patch if you have studied art or created art.

1. Art is an elective class taught in wizard school. Discover more about the color wheel. What are primary and secondary colors? For extra, create a color wheel.

2. An artistic medium refers to the material used to create a work of art. Special tools and supplies are needed for each medium used. When art is displayed in a gallery it has the name of the art, artist, and the medium used. Examples for drawings can be colored pencils, crayons, markers, pastels, chalk, charcoal, or ink. Paint with acrylic, oil, or watercolors. Choose a medium listed above and create a painting or drawing, name it, and list the medium used.

3. As you create art you learn about colors, shapes, planning, trying out new things, balance, expressing yourself and making choices. Create something artistic. Examples: scrapbooking, origami, drawing, poem, story, design a patch, mosaic, pottery, sculpture, and more. 

4. Architecture Art is constructing and designing buildings, structures or interior design of the house. Draw or design a wizard building or shop, castle, school, stone bridge, fireplace, great hall, library, boathouse, or re-design your room on paper.

5. Decorative Art is creating items or objects into beautiful items. Example: mosaic, rugs, pottery, fashion, furniture, and more. Create or design a decorative art item. Examples:  , tapestry, mirror of erised, trophy. lamp, armoury, clock, goblet, curtain, and desk.  

6. Visual Art is art that created to view visually such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, or scrapbooking. Create a visual art item. Examples: wanted poster, golden statue, magical portraits, books and photos.

7. Literature Art is written creative work. Examples are poetry, dramatic story, stories, journal, essay and scripts. Create a literature art item.

8. Some graphic art examples are calligraphy, animation, logos, computer graphics, magazine covers, postcards, patches, posters, and printed materials.  Create or design a graphic art item on paper or computer OR watch a video, show OR movie that uses graphic art. 

9. Performing Arts include music, theater, and dance. These arts are usually performed for an audience and are a form of entertainment. Examples: Choir or band at school, theater show or play, or dance recital. Watch a performing art or participate in one.

10. Complete your own art booklet or sketch pad of artwork. You can sketch, glue visual or graphic art items inside, create drawings, add photos and lots of other items in it to express your personal interests of art.

11. Plastic arts are art forms which involve physical manipulation of molding, carved or shaped, such as stone or wood, concrete, clay, glass, or metal. Examples: Plastic bead art or jewelry, ceramics, glass blowing, wood carvings, and more. Create a plastic art item or watch one being created.

12. Watch a video, movie, or show that represents a form of art. Example: glass blowing, Blown Away; painting, Joy of Painting; fashion, Making the Cut; project Runway: paper and wood crafts, OR Making it.

13. Use your artistic skills and create desserts, food or drinks with a colorful or artistic theme. Examples include: rainbow Jello, art palette cookies, cookies with colored candies; milkshakes, and colorful fruit cups.

14. Attend an art themed event, art party, museum, art show OR host an art themed activity or party.

15. Colors of crayons, paints, fabrics and more have unique names to show the unique mixture or to rename a color in a interesting way. Choose 5 colors and rename them an interesting name. Examples: Black cauldron, butterbeer yellow, broomstick brown, wild watermelon, magic mint, chocolate frog, polyjuice green, bubble bath pink , acid pop red, or yule ball blue.

16. Pop Art is an art movement that started in the USA and United Kingdom. Art was inspired by comic books, advertisements and food product labels. Andy Warhol created pop art by using vibrant complementary colors in each section of the grid in his art piece. He always used items in his creations that he admired or liked. Each section background is a different color. Create your own pop art of something you like.

17. You can have a better visual view of your art when you use colors on the color wheel that blend well together. Complementary Colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Monochromatic Colors is using the lighter and darker shades of one color. Other groupings are Analogous Colors, Triadic Colors, and Tetradic colors. Use one of these groupings the next time you paint or color a picture.

18. Learn more about a magical item that is artistically created. Sketch the item out on paper.  Examples: winged keys, mirrors, wands, cloaks, lockets, jewelry, time turner, maps, sword, stones, and goblets.

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