Wizarding World of Travel

  • $5.99

Kit for 1 Includes:

  • Wizarding World of Travel patch
  • Wizard World of Travel booklet ( passport, information about wizarding schools around the world, travel methods, country info, travel spells and potions)
  • World Traveler full color ID Card
  • Wand Permit full color ID Card
  • Luggage paper box to create (pre-printed design- can hold swaps or mini souvenirs)
  • LUGGAGE TAG (embroidered on both sides)
  • FULL COLOR Country Landmarks, celebrations and foods information card
  • Pineapple eraser and pencil (colors and styles will vary)

     Add Girls of Many Land scouts own patches for $2 each.

    Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.

    Learn about different choices of transportation for wizards, locations of schools in other countries, wand permits, culture of other countries, spells and more.

    1. Learn about other wizards in other countries. Choose a country and learn three things about one of the wizards that live there. Examples: House name, colors, language, games, or special spells or potions they may use. Do they have similar activities they complete? Activity sheet located in the wizard travel booklet

    2. Map it out! View a map and choose a landmark or wizard school you would like to see or visit. Which one did you choose? What is the name of of the landmark or the school? Where is it located? Activity sheet located in the travel booklet

    3. Wizards have a choice of transportation when they travel according to where they are going. Learn more about your options and choose one for your next adventure or destination. Examples: Take the bus and sip on cocoa on your way; travel through the sky on a multi-person broomstick; ride a magic carpet; grab some treats on the train; grab a ride with a magical creature; fly in a car; or use a portal.

    4. "Tickets! Tickets! Get your tickets here for your next destination." The Wizard travel agency can assist you in getting to your next destination. Create a passport or use the one in the kit. Make sure you get your passport stamped or signed for each country you visit.

    5. Before you venture around the world, choose a country or a magical school and learn three things about it. Examples: Location, flag, clothing, festivals, games played, or food they eat. Would you like to travel there one day? Activity sheet located in the wizard travel booklet

    6. Wizards need to complete a license form to be able to legally teleport for travel. Learn more of what it takes to use a portkey, teleport, or special powder to travel. For extra, create your own teleport license.

    7. Experiment with potions and create one that helps you travel, prevents someone from traveling, shrinks you or your pet for traveling, relaxes you for travel, memory enhance, endurance, energy, or strength. Activity sheet located in the wizard travel booklet

    8. Learn or practice spells that assist you with traveling. Examples: Travel instantly to a location, make luggage lighter for easy carrying, making missing passport or documents appear, mend broken items, temporary shrink clothes and items for easy carrying, or move the transportation faster.

    9. All wands must be registered with your local wizard office before you travel. Complete a wand permit for safe travels with your wand. After it is approved, make sure you always have it on hand when you travel with your wand. Application and wand license is available in the booklet and kit 

    10. Are you traveling with your pet? What items will you need to bring with you on your travels? Make a list of items and carrying container needed.

    11. Create an artistic expression representing another country, paint a mural,or create a multi-cultural activity, souvenir (SWAP), or craft from a different country. Luggage craft located in the kit

    12. Learn about different time zones around the world. Sometimes when you leave your home and visit another place the time changes. Example: When it is 10 PM in Virginia it is only 4 PM in Hawaii. Choose one country or area in a different time zone and look up what time it is. Compare it to the time where you live. What is the time difference? Is it AM or PM there.

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