Let Us Give Thanks PATCH

Let Us Give Thanks PATCH

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This program is about giving thanks to others. There are many ways you can give your thanks verbally, in writing, or by your actions.  Use the below kit to create a thank you note and give it to someone.  Use the leaf to write what you are thankful for and give it to your parent or place it in a journal or scrapbook. The power of a thank you can go a long way to helps others feel better about themselves and what they are doing.


People you can give your card to: 

1. Teacher:  Give thanks for them spending time with you and helping you at school.

2. Military: Give thanks to those that serve in the military protecting our nation and others. 

3. Parents: Give thanks to your parents that take care of you daily and provide the things you need. 

4. Family: Give thanks to your family, your grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, godparents, etc. 

5. Leaders of groups: Give thanks to your group leaders in 4-H, scouts, or other volunteer positions that assist you or your community. 

6. Volunteers for community based assistance: Give thanks to the many volunteers of the community that help others. Examples are those that assist at the food banks, clothing drives, homeless shelters, battered wives shelters, hospitals, etc. 

7. To those that serve our community: Give thanks to those that serve our community when we are in need during a crisis. Many put themselves in a dangerous situation when they are assisting others. Examples are fire department, police department, red cross volunteers, doctors, nurses, etc. 

8. Friends: Give thanks to your friends that support you, comfort you and are there for you in your time of need. 

9. Volunteers across the Nation: Many programs that assist others across the nation are run by volunteers. Families receive food and clothing during the holiday season; hot meals are provided at soup kitchens and meals on wheels; children are comforted during illness or loss of family; warm coats, blankets, and shoes are provided to the those in need. 

10. Your Choice: Choose a person, program or facility to say thank you. 


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